Video Surveillance Tech & Multifamily – What Does it All Mean?

VSaaS, Cloud Video, Managed Video, Appliance/Bridge/DVR……what are all these terms? Am I buying service, software, hardware or just a lease?  All of these come down to a few key differences and the reliance on your system is based upon the decisions:

A) True/Pure Cloud Video

  • No separate recording device onsite
  • Video is streamed straight to the cloud with no delay (staging)
  • Optional SD card recording on the camera
  • Friendly user interface
  • Automated software updates
  • Video is safe in the cloud
  • Best chance of new device support
  • Monthly cost for features, backups, storage and access
  • Accessible from any web device from anywhere 24/7
  • Notifications of offline cameras or loss of service

B)  Onsite Appliance/DVR/NVR

  • Recording device onsite
  • Managed by property
  • Often outdated software and bland user interface
  • Video may be uploaded to cloud in some cases for backup
  • Least chance of working with newest devices (iPhone, tablet, browser)
  • Most often just a lease/purchase if a monthly
  • One time hardware purchase (generally much higher than 2 years of any monthly service)
  • Pay for support & assistance
  • Often limited to internal building use with no outside access

C)  Managed Surveillance Server

  • Server provided by security integrator
  • Integrator ensures uptime and operation
  • Video stored onsite
  • Generally newer software, friendlier user interface
  • Monthly cost to provide and maintain system
  • Remote access from any browser
  • Notifications of offline cameras or loss of service

Why a managed service or cloud video?

Video uptime and evidence is critical. As a company that has testified (and help convict) for a murder trial, we can vouch that your system needs to be operational, updated and secure. So many DVRs are replaced that were non-functional, outdated and were not operating when it was most needed. Video systems today should be used for management, knowledge, investment – not solely as an after-the-fact retrieval system. Highlights should include friendly and universal access, enterprise-ready, ease-of-use, active notifications of offline cameras and on and on.   

ControlByNet’s solution is the ONLY software available that can jointly operate in any of the above modes.  Any combination, any number of sites, concierge add-in, single sign-on and fit to any number of cameras.  The most flexible cloud surveillance available. Ask us how to create a safer and smarter environment for your employees and residents. 

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