Trusted Multifamily Property Security Solutions

Apartment complex owners have the responsibility of not only running a business and managing employees, but also maintaining safety for hundreds and thousands of residents who reside at their property. Taking on this task alone can be extremely daunting and may seem impossible, but with the help of trusted experts in the multifamily industry, property managers are able to leave the security of their property or properties out of their hands.

Future residents will not want to sign a lease at an apartment or multifamily building that does not have reasonable measures put in place to ensure their personal safety and the security of their assets. They want to know they will be protected both day and night. As a property manager as well, you want to know you will not be held liable in the unfortunate event of an incident. Although the costs associated with installing a property security system upfront may seem large at first, they are always made up for in the long-run in terms of profit and liability.

Apartment Complex Security Solutions:

No apartment building is built the same. The type of video surveillance solution a property may need is dependent on location, size, number of units, number of amenities and common areas, type of parking areas, whether or not the property is gated, etc. The best security surveillance solutions will be tailored and take into account all the security needs for each property separately and treat each area of the property differently as well.

  1. Video Surveillance and CCTV

ControlByNet’s Cloud and Managed Video Surveillance System assists in keeping criminals off properties by providing 24/7 surveillance. The networked video cameras record incidents as they occur and send the footage directly to a secure cloud or a managed server. This footage can later be accessed from any location and device in order to aid in criminal investigations. 24/7 access to all cameras at any time and any location is the modern standard in video surveillance. Long gone are the days where a property manager had to crowd with their team to look at a screen in a utility closet on the property any time an incident occurred. Property managers can now rest-easy knowing they have remote access to view their property from any place they have internet or cellular access on any of their smart-devices. The best places on a property to place surveillance cameras are:

  • Building Entrances and Exits
  • Front gates
  • Hallways
  • Common Areas
  • Amenities such as pools, game rooms, gyms, lounges, kitchens, etc.
  • Clubhouses
  • Leasing offices
  • Maintenance Offices
  • Perimeters of property and anywhere where intruders could hide.

2. Remote Guarding Solutions:

Remote guarding not only works to detect and deter crime on a property in real-time, but it also is cost effective. On average, remote guards cost 60% less than on-site guards. The way the remote trained professionals work is by utilizing a remote guarding video solution. Each guard will be responsible for monitoring all the cameras on a property throughout the night. The artificial intelligence in the cameras alerts the guard of any movement occurring in the camera view in real time. The guard can then decipher the situation and can use their human intelligence to decide whether or not the event warrants a call to authorities or simply to a local on-site courtesy officer. This reduces false alarms while allowing for more eyes on-site cameras at all times. Remote guarding is a perfect solution for detecting:

  • Car thefts
  • Mail and Package Room thefts
  • Police Calls from Residents
  • Homeless trespassers
  • Fires
  • Residents or Guests Driving Into Gates
  • Residents in Amenity Areas After Hours

3. Access Control:

Access Control works to keep individuals without permission to enter a property off the property. Keypads and access control devices can be placed at entrances and exits of properties in order to maintain only residents or personnel who are authorized to enter the building may enter. These systems are also effective at creating a trail of activity on any property, so the manager or supervisor can have knowledge of who was on the property at what time.

Some access control solutions can provide keypads, card access, fobs, and other technology in order to provide a barrier between a property and unwanted visitors. By using access control, your residents have the ability to restrict, deny, or allow access to their guests. Property managers can control which individuals have access to certain parts of the building such as the pool, gym, kitchen, and clubhouse.

In Need of New or Updated Security on Your Property?

Whether you need an all new surveillance system with all new cameras and servers, or you just need an updated software to integrate into your currently positioned cameras, ControlByNet can help. We offer cloud and managed video surveillance software that was developed by our very own software specialists in-house. We understand the needs and desires of property managers as we have been in the multifamily industry for years. Request a free quote for your property today!