Case Study- ControlByNet takes Atlanta, GA Property from Outdated DVR to Managed Cloud

Alexan Buckhead Village dealt with a disorganized surveillance system before finding ControlByNet


Alexan Buckhead Village is a luxury apartment complex built in 2018 and located in the Buckhead Village District of Atlanta. They are managed by Lincoln Property Company. Today, Lincoln Property Company is one of the most respected and diversified service firms in the United States, employing thousands of experienced, dedicated people who serve a growing client base that reaches coast-to-coast, as well as into Mexico and Europe. Alexan Buckhead Village is one of the many properties under Lincoln Property Company that ControlByNet partners with.

The Challenge:

This property needed to find a cost-effective and efficient way to deter crime, theft, trespassing, and watch for any suspicious activity on their property.

The property already had a surveillance system in place but the solution used three old digital video recorders (DVR’s) in two different areas and two different internet connections for their networked cameras. One of the DVR’s had no remote access capabilities, and required a manger to be on-site at the property in order to manage and watch the surveillance. They needed a consolidated system including up-to-date technology with cloud storage, one internet connection across all devices and cameras, and remote access to all live and archived camera feeds.

Property Manager Jillian Van Blair explained “We desperately needed to simplify our surveillance and wanted to be able to check the feeds from any location…even when my colleagues and I are off-site. We hated having to come back to the property every time we needed to check a camera”.

This is an issue many property managers face with using old-school DVR companies who simply set up the security system and leave without thought of ease-of-use or simplicity of the system.

  • DVR’s are often stuck in a closet and forgotten about, stolen by vandals, or damaged in an accident or flood.
  • Infrastructure is lacking. In most cases, a local wireless (or wired) network does not exist or is not consolidated.
  • Security technology must be smart enough to “understand” what it detects – accurately differentiating people and vehicles from their surroundings within a dynamic, constantly changing landscape. ControlByNet’s solution allows for blocking off motion alerts for areas of disinterest with high movement such as cars moving along a main street or a tree that blows in the wind in a parking lot.

The Solution:

ControlByNet employs their surveillance solution to integrate with the cameras already on the property. The feeds will no longer be stored in an onsite DVR, but will instead be visible in a cloud-based server that is accessible from any location on any device.

Alexan Buckhead chose to upgrade their surveillance even more and opted to use ControlByNet’s services to install the best cameras in video surveillance for the more high priority areas on the property including the parking garage, leasing office, and stairwells.

ControlByNet has taken all the outdated DVR systems out of the surveillance solution at Alexan Buckhead Village and replaced it with their cloud servers. The property will now have 21 days of video stored in the cloud and access to the live and archived feeds of all cameras using any device in any location. Managers will no longer have to be on the property to achieve proper safety and surveillance. The software that ControlByNet has created automatically updates and will work with any iteration of iPhone or Android in the future due to the fact that it is completely browser based.

ControlByNet’s software is completely browser based. It will work across all devices and will work with all the newest technologies.

Alexan Buckhead Village now has the easiest system to access and use for quick research, notifications of cameras offline or lost connection to the internet that is tied into branded corporate single web login. They can also choose to cut down their onsite guard costs in the future with ControlByNet’s Remote Guarding Solution that utilizes trained professionals to watch over and report incidents on any property overnight.

Evaluating ROI:

Every customer that chooses ControlByNet’s cloud or managed video surveillance solution automatically receives ControlByNet’s Star Service, which allows them to focus on business while their surveillance system is handled by ControlByNet’s trained experts. The Star Service is 100% included with the surveillance solution. This service includes:

  • Property Inspection
  • System Maintenance
  • Instant Notification and Resolution of Offline Cameras or Connection Interruption
  • Fast Forensic Search and Evidence Gathering
  • Hassle-Free Professional Installation
  • Flexibility
  • Customer Familiarity

all for free. ControlByNet’s Star Service is the perfect complement to their Best-in-Class Cloud Surveillance Solution. Not only do they provide customers with the most user-friendly software but also their first-rate customer service package at no additional cost. The only cost the customers accrue are a monthly surveillance cost, labor for installation, internet connection, and any new cameras they would like installed.

Cloud video is the future of surveillance technology. The applications of a cloud based server and browser based software like ControlByNet’s are far reaching across many sectors and industries, not just Multifamily Communities. The wide adoption of ControlByNet’s software across the Southeast by property management companies such as Trammell Crow Company, Atlantic Pacific Companies, Greystar, Rangewater Real Estate, JLL, and Magnolia Capital speaks to the success of the solution. ControlByNet’s client base is quickly growing as their services are being adopted in the Commercial Real Estate Industry and across the Southwest in the Multifamily industry.