Best Apartment Security Cameras for Protecting Multifamily Properties

Axis Communications cameras are a little more pricey than some of the competitors, but unlike the cheaper counterparts, they include a 5 year product warranty guarantee with every camera. According to their website, the warranty covers “defects in design, workmanship, and material under normal use for 5 years from the date of shipment”, meaning defective products under the warranty period will either be repaired or replaced at no cost. Video surveillance and remote video guard software provider ControlByNet almost exclusively uses Axis Communications cameras when performing installations at multifamily properties due to the trust they have in the products, the company, and their warranty. Here are the top 5 best Axis cameras for protecting and surveilling apartment properties:

Axis P3245-LVE

This camera offers excellent image quality in HDTV 1080p. This outdoor-ready camera includes advanced software to deliver sharp video even in challenging light or complete darkness. It includes Lightfinder 2.0 for video with more life-like colors and sharp images of moving objects. And, the varifocal lens with remote zoom and focus capabilities eliminates the need for hands-on fine tuning. With two-way audio you can hear what’s happening in the scene and benefit from audio analytics. This is an idea camera for parking garages, outdoor amenities, and entrances and exits of a property.

Axis P3375-LVE

This network camera is also an outdoor-ready fixed dome that provides HDTV 1080p video. Equipped with WDR – Forensic Capture to handle scenes with strong variations in light, Lightfinder technology for exceptional light sensitivity, and built-in IR illumination with OptimizedIR, this camera delivers outstanding video quality in any light conditions. It supports Axis Zipstream technology which significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. AXIS P3375-LVE is a discreet, IK10-rated vandal-resistant camera. It comes with a varifocal lens and remote zoom and focus, which facilitates installation and fine tuning.

Axis Q1700-LE

AXIS Q1700-LE License Plate Camera delivers clear and sharp license plate images from vehicles moving at speeds of up to 81 mph day and night. Thanks to a built-in license plate capture assistant, the camera is easy to setup and image settings are automatically adjusted to fit speed, installation height and vehicle distance in a specific traffic scene. A robust design ensures reliable operation in extreme weather conditions and in wind forces up to hurricane level. The camera is designed for usage with third-party edge or server-based software like ControlByNet’s to perform license plate recognition and trigger actions.

Axis M3115-LVE

AXIS M3115-LVE is an affordable, flat-faced dome designed to suppress light reflections. This compact, IK08-rated cam- era features a wide-angle view in HDTV 1080p video. It includes software for sharp video with clear colors even in challenging light or complete darkness. Additionally, it offers flexible installation for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. And, with its 3-axis camera-angle adjustment, it can be easily leveled and directed. It features enhanced security functionality, and Axis Zipstream with support for H.264/H.265 significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.

Deciding on which security cameras to install on a large multifamily property can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Each property has a unique set of needs, amenities, number of units, and low light areas that need to be considered when choosing the best cameras to install. In the case of security, it is best to spend more money upfront rather than to purchase cheap cameras only to have to replace them after a few years when they break. When getting a bid for surveillance on your property, ensure you are asking about the type of equipment the security solution company is installing. Do research about the price of the camera and make sure you are not being up-sold a $12 camera for $300. Keep your residents, employees, and assets safe today by choosing a solution provider that has been in the multifamily industry for years and request a free quote for your property today.

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