Apartment Communities Need Video Surveillance to Ensure Protection of Their Property and Residents

ControlByNet Video Surveillance is a company that specializes in the protection of multifamily housing communities and has built security solutions for just this reason. Because the team at ControlByNet has worked in the multifamily industry for over 10 years, they understand the specific needs for securing an apartment community. After all, with visitors and residents coming and going all hours of the day and night, crime is extremely difficult to track without cameras or a security solution at an apartment community of any size.

ControlByNet provides surveillance to multifamily properties across the Southeast to commonly protect against:

  • Broken Gate Liability – can provide video evidence to submit to the resident or guest’s insurance company.
  • Illegal dumping – can utilize license plate cameras to track down individuals illegally entering a property to dump.
  • Asset Damage – can provide evidence to charge the resident or guest for damages done at pool areas, fitness centers, lounge areas, kitchens, etc.
  • Car Break-ins and Thefts – can provide video evidence to provide to the authorities when making a case.

Establishing video surveillance on a property assists to reduce risk. Installing easy to see security cameras and surveillance warning signs is helpful for deterring criminals from even entering a property. ControlByNet’s Star Service is included in every installation and provides instant notification and resolution of offline cameras, fast forensic search and evidence gathering, system maintenance, etc.

The security solution that ControlByNet provides is extremely flexible and tailored to every property’s specific needs. If a property does not have the budget to upgrade the cameras on their property, ControlByNet will happily integrate their software into the existing cameras and establish a single managed or cloud server for all the cameras to connect to.

When considering the up-front cost associated with installing video surveillance on a multifamily property, it is imperative to consider the greater costs that would be associated with repairing all the damages in the unfortunate event of criminal or vandal activity, not to mention the loss of reputation.